China University of Petroleum

Xi'an Shiyou University



Institute of Oil ﹠Gas Peking University is an  interdisciplinary research institute which aims at better serve the demands of national energy strategy. Through integrating the research resources of geology, geophysics, remote sensing, chemistry, engineering mechanics, electronics, mathematics and other subjects, the institute carried out interdiscipline researches and obtained numerous funds from national key technologies research projects and oil industry research projects. Based on these supports, a large number of significant scientific   achievements are obtained and many people are well trained in the field of oil and gas exploration.


The institute  is based on Peking University ,contains several cross-discipline research teams in different scientific research directions. Currently, there are 12 full-time researchers ,including 8 professors,3 research professors,1  research associate professors , 4  part-time professors,1 guest professor,22 master candidates, 5  doctoral candidates ,10  post-doctorates.


Over 20  years, the institute has carried out  a number of different types of researches in several basins and has contributed a lot to many oil fields especially in basin structure  , cracks quantitative prediction, volcanic rock and reservoir geology ,including Late Paleozoic basins in northern China, northern territory in Talimu basin, Chaixi Region in Qaidam Basin, Xujiaweizi Fault Depression in Songliao Basin, Sichuan Basin, eastern region in Liaohe Basins ,etc.



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